In our factory we produce D.O.T.P. which is one of the raw materials of PVC based plastics. D.O.T.P. is used intensely in Cable industry, artificial leather sector, production of PVC floor covering, production of plastic ball, production of PVC door-window flute , production of foot bed, production of PVC granule.

These chemicals which are called Plasticizer, used during break in of PVC, caoutchouc, and other thermoplastic equipment, catalyze flows and arrange the flow mechanics.

During present perfect, based on o/m phthalic plasticsers category was prohibtted, they changed into without 0/m phthalic Plasticizer in the USA. Similar application may be carry on in the EU.

Plasticizer of Meltem Kimya are the derivative of acid, in this sense this is suitable to the USA and the EU standards to be without o/m phthalic.
Commercial sale formal is at tankers and barrels and also special chemical material can be carry by portable package towards customers demand.