Based on its 43-year commercial experience, knowledge and technical production skills;    Meltem Kimya offers world-class products at home and abroad. We have a Continuous Polymerization (CP) Line and a Solid Stage Polymerization (SSP) Line. Production can be made in the facility in various viscosities (IV) from 0.570 dL/g to -1400 dL/g. We can easily meet the demands of our customers with our ability to produce in various viscosities. Thanks to our advanced production technology, we are able to produce resin with very low Acetaldehyde (AA) impurity, which is a very important parameter for beverage applications.

MELPET SPECIAL PRODUCT GRADES Application Viscosity (dL/g) Standard Resin Special Resin Fast Re−Heat Additive Polymer Type TDS
MELPET®21002 Hot Filling 0,800   Copolymer
MELPET®21101 Monofilament 0,800   Homopolymer
MELPET®21102 Monofilament 0,760   Homopolymer
MELPET®21108 Engineering Plastics & High Tenacity Yarn 1,400   Homopolymer
MELPET®21109 CPET 0,950   Homopolymer
MELPET®22108 Substitution of PETG & Thick sheet ( 6-10mm) 0,860   High Copolymer
FUPET®22109 Engineering Plastics 1,400   Copolymer
MELPET®32101 Blood Collection Tube & Thin Wall Injection Molding 0,570   Copolymer